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Swavlamban training with the main focus on Entrepreneurship, Livelihood & Leadership skill is being conducted among 500 women from marginalised communities of Jharkhand. The training has helped in bringing about attitudinal change not just in the society, but also in these women towards themselves. They are now able to recognise their strength, have faith in the potential they hold. Recognition of business opportunities and taking steps towards the upliftment of the society by acting as decision-makers (involvement with governance, fighting against alcohol ism, etc.) has been the achievements of this training among these women. Some of these women have set up their own businesses and some have gone to train other girls. Their skills are identified and harnessed, helping them to become financially independent and turning them into decisionmakers in society.


Mahavari Milan is a program on menstrual health awareness and behaviour change. We worked with 3800 adolescent girls and women from villages and tried to change their menstrual health behaviour. Under this program, we work towards breaking all myths and stereotypes associated with menstruation for rural women. We also work on improving menstrual hygiene conditions for all of these women. We hold awareness programs twice in a month for all the women in the targeted villages in coordination with the Kishori Dals. These meetings are held and run by adolescent girls who increase awareness and observe behaviour change. We also distribute sanitary napkins in each of these meetings. Statistically speaking, this program has directly impacted 3800 women and more than 1000 women indirectly.

Education Fellowship

Creativity can be defined as the journey through which we use and develop our imaginations. Creativity is children's unique response to all that they see,hear,feel and experience. Creativity impacts many aspects of a child's learning journey. From developing problem-solving and motor skills to encouraging curiosity and imagination. Promoting creativity in early childhood education is vital to a young child's learning and development.
People for Change is running an educational fellowship which is tribal women-led fellowship which empowers women to become leaders and be part of the movement in the ed space. Children came up with these amazing images while they were learning about the means of transportation.

Tribal Education Fellowship

Innovation is one of those words we like to throw around whenever possible. To innovate means to make changes or do something a new way. To innovate does not require you to invent. Baked into innovation are creativity and adaptability. New approaches to improve such as methods of knowledge transfer with innovative teaching strategies.

Innovation is a driver of growth and well being. Creating an innovation friendly ecosystem in education is key to the continuous improvement of education.

Innovation in education comes from identifying problems,watching and learning from others,to develop new methods to address these problems,and iterating on them when these experiments don't necessarily give the results you need.

Tribal educational fellowship by People for Change is women led and their innovative, integrated learning by our fellow tribal teachers is helping children not only identify colours but they are learning to draw,read and write.

Featured in "The Telegraph"

Our tribal girls fellowship to create a movement of education leaders and to ensure quality education to children in under resourced Government schools in two districts of Jharkhand got featured in ' The Telegraph ' for using innovative methods and local resources to create joyful learning spaces for children.

Link : https://www.telegraphindia.com/jharkhand/lesson-for-rural-children-through-leaf-art-in-jharkhands-east-singhbhum/cid/1945126 

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People for Change works towards enriching children and youth for personal and social development through creating self to society journeys Etc.


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People for Change works towards enriching children and youth for personal and social development through creating self to society journeys Etc.