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Awarness Program With Transgender

  • VACCINATION DRIVE – With large parts of the transgender population lacking education and tech literacy, many were unable to register online. So, People for Change took an initiative to get the transgender population vaccinated in their respective areas. We arranged medical doctors and other medical staffs who spoke to them about dos and don’ts that need to be followed. During this it was found out that many of them lack identity documents.
  • LIVELIHOOD TRAINING- Livelihood vulnerability directly increases risk and vulnerability to HIV. Skilling and livelihood initiatives for transgender persons from the government are little. Yet, we held sessions on what are the alternative job options transgenders can look for and we tried to link them up for the same.
  • RATION DISTRIBUTION – During Covid-19 transgenders suffered financially and they had no money to feed themselves. Ration kits were distributed to 500 transgenders. A helpline number was launched for any assistance to the Covid 19 patients.
  • SRHR TRAINING–People living a Trans life require access to equitable healthcare services, policies and research that address their needs. However, Trans people have experienced different forms of violence, discrimination, stigma, and unfair access barriers when dealing with healthcare providers. Therefore, adapting sexual and reproductive health services with the purpose of providing more equitable, inclusive and discrimination free healthcare services is an urgent need. People for Change arranged webinars and sessions on topics such as practice of safe sex, usage of contraception’s and other doubts related to sex was answered by experts.

Queer Bol : Queer Parents

Video Link : https://www.instagram.com/tv/CegP28rDTuQ/?igshid=NTdlMDg3MTY=

People for Change is a 12-year old youth, women and third gender rights centric organization proactively functioning in East and West Singhbhum districts of Jharkhand. People for Change work extensively with children and youth from the marginalised and under-served communities. PFC has also worked with over 500 transgenders and queer youth in East and West Singhbhum through their platform “Jamshedpur Queer Circle”. We are committed to equality of opportunity and values and respect the diversity of everyone. We have a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination, victimization or harassment on the basis of a person’s gender identity. The celebrations begin with a virtual JQC (Jamshedpur Queer Circle) Live on Instagram on the theme “Coming out” on 7th June. The speakers were Aruna Desai ( Founder- Sweekar,The Rainbow parents organization) ,Shanto Bakshi ( development professional and queer parent) Renu Sharma ( Queer parent). It was attended by young people , queer youth and their parentsfrom across the country.The insta live was hosted by Suman from People for Change. The entire session saw many questions of LGBTQIA youth answered with great insights by the panelists.One of the audience asked "Is it really necessary for a queer person to come out as a queer to friends and family?" Aruna Desai,the Founder of Sweekar took on this question and said it was really not necessary to come out since we do not expect heterosexuals to declare their sexuality publicly,the same goes for queer youth.She further stressed that queer young people can decide when to come out and their self acceptance was more important,and no acceptance from friends or family is needed.Other youth had questions on how to come out to parents and prepare themselves.Shanto Bakshi and Renu Sharma,the other two panelists also shared their experiences of being parents to queer children and how youth needed to build support within family through small activities."I think this session helped me gain strength and confidence to help me come out" said S.V.Raman one of the queer youth present.People for Change intends to now take these sessions to schools and colleges in Jamshedpur.

Jamshedpur Pride 2022

People for Change and Jamshedpur Queer Circle in association with SAYAN( South Asian Youth Action Network) is celebrating Jamshedpur Pride 2022 through the month of June to celebrate the struggle and history of the LGBTQIA+ movement and their struggle for civil rights and also to celebrate role models in the community and their accomplishments.
Jamshedpur Queer circle and People for Change are organising a series of events to commemorate the pride month. Open Mic and Fashion Parade was organised for LGBTQIA+ community in Bombay Brew Cafe. The theme of the open Mic was celebrating diversity and inclusion whereas the theme for Fashion Parade was "main hoon diva".The judges for the event were Miss Nora Samad and Miss Aishwarya Prasad.The special guest for the event was Mrs.Sarita . The event was attended by around 70 members from LGBTQIA+ community and some allies.
The participants celebrated the theme; diversity and inclusion through beautiful poetry, songs, stand- up comedy, storytelling through the Open mic event.
Songs like Pasoori, koi fariyad, gulabi ankhei were sung by participants to celebrate Pride and the queer community.
Sourav Banerjee,one of the participants of Open mic said"Mere liye open mic aisa platform hai jaha apne aap ko push kar skte ho khud ko aur bhetar janne ke liye.The fashion parade saw huge participants from the transgender community.Familiar faces from the community like Sanjana kinnar,Razia Kinnar ,Madhuri,Aparna ,Kabootri all participated in the fashion parade.The fashion show,aptly called "Mai bhi Diva'aimed at bringing out the Diva or the best in each person.It consisted of three rounds. The first was an introduction round,the second was a talent round which saw many talents like singing, dancing, speeches and the last round was Q/A round where participants from LGBTQIA+ community talked about their struggles, inspiration and about themselves and shared their life stories with the audience.
Aeisha Kinner was announced as winner of “Main hoon Diva” followed by asanjana Kinnar and then Trisha. Aisha said" she was very happy since this was the first time she had got a stage and she felt accepted".

Sadda Haq

News Article Link: https://hindi.newsclick.in/Do-we-really-live-by-the-meaning-of-equality

Jamshedpur Queer Circle in association with People For Change and THE HUMSAFAR TRUST organized " Sadda Haq " an open mic event for the LGBTQIA+ community in the city. Jamshedpur Queer Circle aims to create spaces for the queer community in Jamshedpur to enable queer and non queer people come together to understand queer issues better and create an inclusive society where all queer youth are provided equal opportunities and rights.The open mic had young members of the LGBTQIA community expressing their anguish and assertion through songs, poems and stand up. Many queer aspiring comedians, musicians and artists from various backgrounds performed at the event which was held on 26 th March, 2023 at 1 Central Avenue, Northern Town, Bistupur, Jamshedpur.


Likho Workshop

The #Likhoworkshop ended with all the fellows creating abstracts for stories that they would work on in the next few months.
Every story was unique,not only in the selection of topic but the style and approach.From the need for Gender education in schools to create safe spaces for transgender children,the challenges for acces to housing for the transgender population in Mumbai and reasons for the lack of LGBTQ representation in Indian cricket every story was unique.
Supported by fantastic mentors ranging from journalists,filmmakers and writers the worship equipped the fellows with tools to begin to write stories that challenge patriarchy.
Some talked about self pleasure and the taboo around it whereas some highlighted the inaccessibility and unaffordability of healthcare for Transmen in India.The stories reflected the lived realities and experiences of many fellows and aimed at challenging established norms and policies.
Excellent learnings ,new friendships and loads of fun made this trip to Mumbai a memorable one.

Mentor Together

People for Change and Jamshedpur Queer Circle, in partnership with Mentor Together, organised an online programme for the LGBTQIA+ community. Mentoring has striven to create equal opportunities for young people from backgrounds of social and economic disadvantage. We're looking at how we can support more specific groups of marginalised and vulnerable young people. One such community is the youth who identify as or are exploring LGBTQIA+ identities (i.e., youth who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer). Given the difficult experience that LGBTQIA+ often face because of societal bias and discrimination, we are looking at how a positive mentoring relationship can support their growth, both personally and in terms of their career plans. There will be an online and offline selection process for mentees. The offline process dates will be the 18th and 19th of March 2023.  The programme is taking place in a person's meeting at Jamshedpur, which is on the 18th and 19th of March 2023. After the offline process, we will disclose the online date soon. We are looking forward to seeing you all there. The objectives of the programme 

  • To help mentees who identify as LGBTQIA+ or who are exploring such identities get mentors who create a safe and inclusive space for them.
  • To help mentees learn coping skills to deal with the stresses that come from being in a minority group.
  • Equip mentees with essential work readiness skills to aid their future professional development.

Wellbeing Chronicles

Pushpa Kumari (@pushpa1304__s.s) of People for Change (@p4c_jsr) and Jamshedpur Queer Circle was invited as one of the speakers for 'Wellbeing Chronicles ' a national program on Well Being conducted by Vartaleap.

Pushpa spoke about the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ youth to talk about and access services related to mental health and well being and also about the need for creating safe ,non judgemental spaces for Intergenerational dialogues to ensure well being of youth especially the LGBTQIA+ community. 

"Uniting for Empowerment: Inner Wheel Clubs Recognize PFC and JQC's Impactful Work"

Empowering girls, women, and transgenders is a joint effort! ?? The Inner Wheel Clubs of Jamshedpur, Chaibasa, and IWC Zest came together to recognize the incredible work of People For Change and Jamshedpur Queer Circle in areas of education, health, agency, livelihoods, and leadership. ?????? Gifts were shared and promises of continued support made. Here's to a future of endless empowerment! ???? 

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People for Change works towards enriching children and youth for personal and social development through creating self to society journeys Etc.


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People for Change works towards enriching children and youth for personal and social development through creating self to society journeys Etc.