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Urmila Hembrom

30 youth throughout the country have been chosen to participate in a residential workshop on initiating Dialogues on Gender with Adolescents and Youth, organized by Pro Sport Development and Girls Not Brides. Urmila Hembrom young fellow from People for Change who works with rural tribal Santhali children was selected to be part of the workshop to under gender perspective.


Equal Fellowship 2022

Congratulations to Naveen Kumar from People for Change and Jamshedpur Queer Circle for completing his journey of the Equal Fellowship 2022 and for becoming an EQUAL fellow.The fellowship  waa launched by The YP Foundation to mark the citizenship of queer-trans* people, to foreground demands of equality, and to celebrate EQUAL CITIZENSHIP.

The Fellowship had 26 young people across 19 states who got together as part of TYPF's EQUAL (Expanding Queer people's Access to Leadership) Fellowship to build their capacities and knowledge on legal rights and entitlements to negotiate with multiple stakeholders to ensure the safety and protection of queer-trans* people. As part of the fellowship Naveen worked extensively with the transgender community in Jamshedpur on their access to rights on health and education and ensures that they were connected with the social security schemes.

Logical India Story on JQC

Co-founded by Souvik Saha, People for Change works in building nurturing and empowering spaces for adolescents and young people, which build their agency and enable them to act such that they become self-aware social leaders. He is also the founder of Jamshedpur Queer Circle, which provides a safe space that nurtures the leadership of LGBTQIA young people.


In 2020, Souvik established JQC to provide a safe space for young people in Jamshedpur and Jharkhand to reflect upon, understand, organize, and initiate action on issues and challenges facing the LGBTQIA community. He has worked on the well-being of around 1000 LGBTQ people, including transgender people and queer youth, most often neglected, deliberately marginalised, and forced to be invisible.


Jamshedpur Queer Circle works to create such empowering spaces that build leadership capacities of LGBTQ young people in Jharkhand to unleash their potential to advocate for equal rights and opportunities and to bring about transformational social change.


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Logical India Story on People For Change

People for Change a non profit organization based out of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, has launched a fellowship program for young tribal women to emerge as edu-leaders. It is working to create a movement of female leaders to ensure quality education for every child in Jharkhand. Currently, they are working with 20 tribal girls across three blocks in two districts of Jharkhand.


The chosen girls will undergo a leadership journey to be empowered to create joyful learning spaces in schools, classrooms, and communities to change the learning outcomes of 1500 children in Jharkhand and ensure that they remain in school*** and finish their education. The program will also ensure that the girls emerge as leaders in the ed-space, continue their education, and inspire other tribal girls to finish their education and facilitate quality education for others.


The fellowship aims to help children use education to build aspirations, reach their full potential, and escape the generational cycle of poverty. They have launched the fellowship to ensure that children stay in schools, build aspirations, and finish education, which helps delay the age of marriage and build agency in children, thus helping end child marriage.


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Regional Volunteer SPOC Meeting organized by Tata Sustainability Group

"Thrilled to be the sole NGO representative among an esteemed group of panellists at the Regional Volunteer SPOC Meeting organized by Tata Sustainability Group! ??

It's an incredible opportunity to share the vision and work of People for Change and Jamshedpur Queer Circle and collaborate with like-minded leaders in the industry. Together, we can make a lasting impact on society! ?? "

Washington Blade

"???‍?? Founder Souvik Saha's insightful interview with Washington Blade sheds light on the profound impact of the same-sex marriage verdict on India's LGBTQ community. ?????? The Washington Blade, the USA's oldest and influential LGBTQ newspaper, captures this historic moment. ??? 


Link to read the full article: https://www.washingtonblade.com/2023/08/31/lgbtq-intersex-indians-hope-marriage-equality-will-spur-family-acceptance/

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People for Change works towards enriching children and youth for personal and social development through creating self to society journeys Etc.


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People for Change works towards enriching children and youth for personal and social development through creating self to society journeys Etc.